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Alexander Huber

Software guy, full-stack web developer, full-time computer geek. Blogs in English and German.

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Congratulations, you have reached the personal blog of Alexander Huber, software engineer, occasional musician, overall tinkerer.

Here I write about things I created, that interest me, that bug me, that I want to save for later reference or other random stuff I just have to get off my mind.
Over time, these main topics emerged from my ramblings:

  • Programming and software, with a focus on web development
  • General IT-related observations, tips, rants and experiments
  • My personal life, the process of learning itself and everything in between

When I started blogging in 2010, I had no idea where it would lead me, so I just started writing in English and German at a whim. I plan to keep it that way.

I'm currently living in Leipzig, but originate from around Stuttgart, Germany.

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